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geCKo Materials is growing our team! We seek passionate individuals for an exciting opportunity to work for geCKo Materials, a revolutionizing hardware technology company. geCKo Materials manufactures a bio-inspired, energy efficient, directional dry adhesive.

If you are interested, please contact with the subject line
[Attn: Hiring Team] and attach your resume to schedule a video chat interview. 

We look forward to meeting you!

Our Mission

The specific public benefit purpose of the Corporation is to economically scale an energy efficient adhesive, improving environmental sustainability in commercial applications and simplifying attachment and adhesion for consumer applications.

geCKo Materials, PBC

Our geCKo Materials Dry Adhesive creates an ultra-friction surface for rapid, energy-efficient, purely mechanical adherence and programmable release. Our Dry Adhesive is suitable for a wide variety of objects and for a range of applications (such as robot end effectors), including current uses on the International Space Station (ISS).


Come join our Silicon Valley Public Benefit Corporation startup with openings in operations, engineering, sales, marketing, and manufacturing.

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