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Adhesive Technology

Born from Nature, Made for Innovation

Our Product

geCKo Materials is a bio-inspired Dry Adhesive that is ultra-strong, reusable, leaves no residue, and requires no force to detach. This enables current solutions to revolutionize while being cost saving and energy efficient. This also opens up new applications in industrial automation, robotic gripping, space & defense and more. Unlimited possibilities! 

How it Works

Inspired by nature, our dry adhesive’s micro wedges mimic the gecko's foot structure to create their signature grip.


Our Dry Adhesive in Action

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Our Clients

In the News

Stanford News
"A robotic gripper, developed by Stanford engineers, was tested aboard the ISS. Equipped with grippy but not sticky gecko-inspired adhesives, the gripper could be particularly well-suited for tasks such as collecting debris and servicing satellites."

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